The Island of Kyrenia

Session 1

A party and a task

Your good friend Var Dalhel invited you (Vestus, Alec, Udoeak, and Ashra) to a party at his house in the city of Comixe on the 24th day of Marz starting at sunset. You all arrived and got there in time. There were many exotic foods, and it was very extravagant. While Alec and Udoeak knew each other and Ashra and Vestus had met before, Var introduced you all to each other. He asked you to stay after and asked if you would collect a debt for him. The target was a low-ranking member of the Clergy who had borrowed money and hadn’t payed it back. You all agreed, because Var is a good friend. You all had other motives as well, but those are more personal. When you got to the Chapel, you found the door unlocked, which wasn’t surprising, since it was an open-worship chapel that was available at all times. What was surprising, though, was that the place looked like it hadn’t been visited or worshiped in in many months. There were cobwebs everywhere, even in the burning torches and lamps. There was an open stairway at the back of the chapel and, figuring that was the Cleric’s quarters, you all headed down there. As you reached the bottom of the stairs, you beheld a disturbing sight. The Cleric, an old Dwarf man, was standing above a stone alter, upon which laid a cloaked maiden. He was holding a dagger, poised to strike her with it. Ashra ran up and struck him with her bladed bow, hurting him greatly. Udoeak threw a tangle-foot bag at him, snaring him on the spot. Alec ran and wrestled the young woman off the alter, who began struggling and flailing and screaming things like “What are you doing?”. Vestus then attacked the Cleric and he fell to the ground, obviously unconscious, and likely dead. After that, the girl wrestled free from Alec and backed into a corner, glaring at them angrily. She was dressed in a white robe and a white outfit, but little else. After this, She attacked Alec with a strange spell, doing him great harm. A fight ensued, where she summoned two skeletons, which Ashra promptly destroyed. Alec cast a spell, which entangled the legs of everyone with the roots creeping through the walls. Vestus cast a fireball stored in one of his swords at the girl, which missed. After several failed attempts at using that same damaging spell by the girl and many failed and successful attacks from the others, the battle ended when Ashra shot an arrow straight through her head, killing her instantly. They then stabilized, threatened, and took the Cleric back to Var, where he spilled that the money was in the basement of the chapel in a hidden room, activated by a button on the alter. Vestus opened a bag he had stolen earlier and found it populated by beetles and buttons. Var wanted to study them and got half of them from Vesus. Var offered them a job of going around and helping him collect deal-breakers and counter the Church, to which the group reluctantly agreed. After this, Vestus went off alone and went to a bar he had visited earlier and pick-pocketed a very drunk man of this bag, while the others went back to the chapel to find the hidden room. When he got to the bar, he found three of his friends unconscious on the floor, and the bartender informed him that the man he had robbed had gone to the docks. Vestus went to find the Dockmaster, and was greeted by the man he had robbed, who demanded his bugs back. Vestus was about to agree, when the guards appeared and Bug Man ran away, stealing a boat and booking it across the water. The Guards had taken off after him, using magic to create a propeller to speed up the chase.
At the same time, Ashra, Udoeak, and Alec opened the hidden room, only to find a large zombie hiding in it. After some studying, they realized that it was an Ogre zombie. They fought it, shooting arrows, slashing it, throwing Alchemist’s Fire on it, and using undead damaging spells. After a time, it was dead as well.



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