The Island of Kyrenia

Session 3 (The Challenge)
I AM A GOD!! Come and get me!!

Alrighty, so this session started where the last one left off, at the tail end of a Senate Meeting, where the previously illegal Magics had been made legal. While the Senators were off in their respective corners and seats trying to commune with their respective home lands, there was a loud banging at the door. It was followed by a few more, when the doors opened to a Paladin of the One (who had recently bee guarding the Senate House from crazy Humans) was bodily thrown through the now open doorway by the leader of the defending Paladins, who was surrounded by 5 other paladins (NOTE: these are all humans). He stood and looked around and, when asked what he was doing by a nonhuman, he said “Die, Heathen.” This led to a deal of combat, in which a Dire Crocodile was summoned (via the crazy dice), the former leader of these Paladins screaming for no killing (in the end she actually smited one of them), and a Human Guard shooting several of them. After this little skirmish had ended, the deaf Paladins started shimmering and sparkling. Those of you who were well versed in Religious Knowledge knew that the Paladins of the One return to be buried in the Monestary when they fall in battle. Those of you who didn’t grabbed onto the sparkly (non-vampire) bodies, which caused them to stop sparkling. The living Paladin of the One physically threw you off of the bodies, so that they could return to be buried. After a while, a loud (epicly deep) voice was heard throughout the land, proclaiming that all Humans and all who worship the One are to migrate to the Human lands of Mangery. It also commanded all of the Paladins to NOT attack and to return for battle planning. (Convenient, isn’t it? XD) Then, a large, floating, shimmering visage of the Prophet appeared (Which Vestus attacked, despite the fact that it was an illusion. Vestus was also thrown across the room magically and then magically silenced), congratulating you on killing his ‘brother’, and informing you that the One True Deity is completely made up and that he (the Prophet) was planning on becoming a Deity. He also told you that when you kill his brothers, the remaining ones grow stronger. Then he offered the Challenge “Come and get me!” and vanished. The remaining Senators scrambled to figure out what to do, the Elven ones especially panicky, since the Elven Nation will not join in the battle unless the Druids join them as well. They begged EVERYONE to come and help convince the Druids to join them. Var went off to prepare spells and the Dark Priestess went off to commune with her Deity. Var was found dead shortly after with six daggers in his chest. There was no magic detected. The Human guard who had helped with the battle decided to come along, but the remaining Paladin (who had previously been in shock at the admission that her Deity was a phony) wanted to visit some relatives for some questions.
The Elven senators asked the ones who would be traveling with them to go through the portal with them, while Abigail took Alec and Udoeak’s boat to the Elven capital. The ones who went through the Portal found themselves in a little house, which was weird enough on its own, but they were also on a table. An older woman was standing next to the door, asking if they could help her mother get out of bed, since she was stuck. After going into the room, Undoeak noticed that she was completely emaciated and disturbingly thin, but not skeletal. She picked her up, but the woman started to thrash and flail. Udoeak dropped her, and Vestus (who failed trying sneaking in) tried to restrain her, but she grabbed his wrist and he felt pain shoot up his arm. There was no physical damage, but he had obviously been injured. About this time, some shouting came from the main room. The original lady had changed. Her canines had elongated and her eyes had become completely black. The emaciated woman danced and vanished. The black-eyed, fanged woman (who everyone but the Human recognized as a Vampire) started attacking, but was soon was defeated and turned into mist, which seemed invulnerable and floated through another room’s door. After bashing their way in, they noticed a chest, a bed, and a mirror. The Human looked in the mirror and vanished (not before noticing he had no reflection). Vestus tried to open the chest and just barely managed to not get stuck to it. Udoeak recognized it as Mimic and blasted it with magic. It smoldered and he realized it was, in fact, just a chest with sticky stuff on it. Vestus noticed Alec at the mirror, and he also vanished. He and the Human were in a small room with a mirror on one wall and a coffin in one corner. Deciding it was the Vampires coffin, they decided to break it, but it was harder than they thought. Therefore, they broke the wall of the house, and saw a blank, empty void. They through the coffin out, and it ripped itself to shreds, followed by an unearthly scream. The mirror vanished and left a doorway. They found some cool stuff in there, like some scrolls, a magic book, and some rusty pots (which Vestus’ bugs refused to eat). At the advice of the Senator who was there with them, they destroyed a little blue platform on the table and tumbled out of the portal, only to be greeted by a dozen armed Elven Guards, who informed them that they had been gone an entire day and interrogated them for a little bit. After that, they were taken to the Druid’s Circle (blindfolded, of course), where they were greeted by several Druids dressed in animal skins. After sitting for a while around the Pool of Visions, they noticed the head Druid walking up, wearing a Minotaur’s hide. He asked them to partake in a ritual ceremony and drink some of the purple fluid, which (according to him) was the lifeblood of Obad Hai (their patron Deity). Alec, Udoeak, and the Human drank and were granted a Divine Boon (a boost to some attributes). The head Druid then asked them to convince him to join the battle against the Church. After being very convincing reasons, he agreed. The group was led out (blindfolded again) and let loose in the Elven village to do some shopping. They got some crazy shenanigans (Alec and Udoeak visited their families for some stuff). Afterwards, they were sent off to Mangery. When they were close, they noticed a large membrane surrounding it, which had the consistency and texture of a giant soap bubble. When they passed through it, the ones with the Divine Boon noticed it lift off of them. They then heard a loud screech that echoed through the land. Unnerved, they continued on. They saw some clouds of dust off in the distance, and an illusion was created off to the group’s left to distract the dust cloud. After hustling towards the Human Capital, they came across an Ogre. He looked big, mean, and ready to fight. Fortunately, he was as dumb as he was tough. He was convinced to take them to his superiors. AND THUS ENDED THE SESSION

Session 2
Well, that escalated quickly!

Some of this might be out of order. If you find something that is, please let me know what is wrong.

Inside the hidden room was the gold that had been promised Var and more, as well as five bags of a strange black stone, a couple of demented looking rings, and a strange looking holy symbol, looking like a skull on top of a scythe, which Udoeak recognized as Nerul. There were also two of the beetles, but they were slightly bigger, and they escaped through cracks just big enough for them to fit through. Alec broke one of the statues, one of the least threatening, which was a small fat male figure, and, though it wasn’t hollow, a noxious black mist came out.

After, everyone met back at Var’s house. Vestus talked with him about the bugs, and the found out that they do cool things when you squeeze them. White shoots a white beam, Black shoots a black beam that kills cats, Green shots a green beam that summons weird things, Blue creates a mental connection with the target, and Red shoots fire.

They learned this through trial and error and gained a set of three dice of different colors that summon different animals depending on the roll. They can be used once a day, unless you sacrifice a spell slot, which gives you an extra use equal to the spell level sacrificed. After the creature is summoned, the dice re-appear in your hands.

Var also asked Vestus, Udoeak, and Alec to cause mayhem at the Church Parade the next day. It was starting in the early afternoon at the church you raided that night and would be circling around the city. Vestus went into a room and worked on stuff, Alec slept on his boat (?), and Udoeak slept in his inn, performing before bedtime.

Alec and Udoeak went to the church early and Alec went to look around inside. There were clerics everywhere inside, tearing the place apart. One yelled at him to leave, but he hid his crocodile in a bush outside and sneaked up the bell tower, where he scattered caltrops on a step. Udoeak climbed up the tower and climbed through the window. They set up, trying to get ready for when the Clerics arrived, when they heard a tussle outside. There was an equivelant of a bar fight in the crowd below. Unbeknownst to them, Vestus had snuck into the crowd and used some bugs to make them go crazy and fight. A cleric came out and tried to settle things down, so Udoeak threw the dice at him, summoning a monsterous dire wolf, which tore apart the cleric. After several more deaths, a loud voice yelled “STOP!!”

The Prophet had arrived for his Parade and was sitting there on his servant supported throne. He was surrounded by clerics of various power. He began to say “There will be no violence in my presence”, but Udoeak cast Tasha’s Hideous Laughter on him and he began laughing so hard that he fell off his throne. Alec sacrificed a spell slot to recharge the dice, and threw them at the Prophet, who was being helped up by his second-in-command. He missed, however, and they landed on the Throne, summoning a trio of feindish goblins that began tearing up the clerics. After a while, Alec sneaked down and got in range to continue attacking, and he and Udoeak saw a cloaked figure at the foot of a bell tower. The cloaked figure make very strange hand gestures, and all those who had died stood back up. They all chanted in unison “What do you want us to do, master?” “Kill them”

The zombies started to attack the survivors, and after a little while, the Prophet yelled “ENOUGH!” and then a single word in Celestial, causing all the zombies to die. The cloaked figure ran away, and there were Wizards flying everywhere, putting out the fires. The Prophet resurrected his second-in-command, and tried to resurrect the dead, but for many it didn’t work.

The group decided to gather again at Var’s house, who almost cried at the beautiful mayhen caused, which was enough to cancel the parade. He asked them to be his guard for the Senate meeting the next day, to which everyone agreed. He also advised that all of them stay the night at his house, since the guards would be looking in the inns for outsiders who could have caused this. Alec scouted out the Senate House, and everyone learned some somewhat illegal stuff from Var’s old teaching days.

The next day, Vestus, Alec, and Udoeak guarded Var on the way to the Senate House, which had a massive mob of human nobles with picket signs about “The Ultimate Evil” and how “They all must Die!”. Asked about this, Var informed them that it was a ruling about the illegality of Necromancy and the other illegal magics. Guarding him carefully as they moved through the crowd, Alec, Vestus, and Udoeak took him towards the Meeting room. Vestus stayed by the door and the others guarded Var in person. After several motivating speeches, a vote is cast, and Necromancy and the other illegal magics are legalized by a majority.

The Door bangs open and the Prophet comes in, declaring that all who have voted for the re-legalized magics have effectively declared war on the Church for their countries and that the Church would retaliate by declaring war on them, as well as revealing that they would be starting a witch hunt for whoever was not of human blood and who didn’t worship the One True Deity. Vestus attacked them and Udoeak cast the room in darkness, which he and Alec could see through by use of magical rings. A great fight ensued, in which the Prophet died quickly, and all four Paladins died after. A hooded figure helped as well, the same one from the Parade. Pulling back her hood, she revealed a skeletal body, delcaring in a loud voice of good tidings and of the Old Gods returning to walk again among Mortals. The Council reassembled and the Head of the Senate asked the Human Senators if they would be siding with the Church in this war. Two said no, but one said they would, and he was promptly tied up by Alec. The remaining senators turned the meeting into a War Council, creating communcation portals and such to talk with their ruling bodies. Var tried to scry on the Prophet, but was blocked. He then, at Udoeak’s suggestion, tried to scry on people who looked like the Prophet, and they came up with one in each city, doing a parade like what should have happened yesterday.

Session 1
A party and a task

Your good friend Var Dalhel invited you (Vestus, Alec, Udoeak, and Ashra) to a party at his house in the city of Comixe on the 24th day of Marz starting at sunset. You all arrived and got there in time. There were many exotic foods, and it was very extravagant. While Alec and Udoeak knew each other and Ashra and Vestus had met before, Var introduced you all to each other. He asked you to stay after and asked if you would collect a debt for him. The target was a low-ranking member of the Clergy who had borrowed money and hadn’t payed it back. You all agreed, because Var is a good friend. You all had other motives as well, but those are more personal. When you got to the Chapel, you found the door unlocked, which wasn’t surprising, since it was an open-worship chapel that was available at all times. What was surprising, though, was that the place looked like it hadn’t been visited or worshiped in in many months. There were cobwebs everywhere, even in the burning torches and lamps. There was an open stairway at the back of the chapel and, figuring that was the Cleric’s quarters, you all headed down there. As you reached the bottom of the stairs, you beheld a disturbing sight. The Cleric, an old Dwarf man, was standing above a stone alter, upon which laid a cloaked maiden. He was holding a dagger, poised to strike her with it. Ashra ran up and struck him with her bladed bow, hurting him greatly. Udoeak threw a tangle-foot bag at him, snaring him on the spot. Alec ran and wrestled the young woman off the alter, who began struggling and flailing and screaming things like “What are you doing?”. Vestus then attacked the Cleric and he fell to the ground, obviously unconscious, and likely dead. After that, the girl wrestled free from Alec and backed into a corner, glaring at them angrily. She was dressed in a white robe and a white outfit, but little else. After this, She attacked Alec with a strange spell, doing him great harm. A fight ensued, where she summoned two skeletons, which Ashra promptly destroyed. Alec cast a spell, which entangled the legs of everyone with the roots creeping through the walls. Vestus cast a fireball stored in one of his swords at the girl, which missed. After several failed attempts at using that same damaging spell by the girl and many failed and successful attacks from the others, the battle ended when Ashra shot an arrow straight through her head, killing her instantly. They then stabilized, threatened, and took the Cleric back to Var, where he spilled that the money was in the basement of the chapel in a hidden room, activated by a button on the alter. Vestus opened a bag he had stolen earlier and found it populated by beetles and buttons. Var wanted to study them and got half of them from Vesus. Var offered them a job of going around and helping him collect deal-breakers and counter the Church, to which the group reluctantly agreed. After this, Vestus went off alone and went to a bar he had visited earlier and pick-pocketed a very drunk man of this bag, while the others went back to the chapel to find the hidden room. When he got to the bar, he found three of his friends unconscious on the floor, and the bartender informed him that the man he had robbed had gone to the docks. Vestus went to find the Dockmaster, and was greeted by the man he had robbed, who demanded his bugs back. Vestus was about to agree, when the guards appeared and Bug Man ran away, stealing a boat and booking it across the water. The Guards had taken off after him, using magic to create a propeller to speed up the chase.
At the same time, Ashra, Udoeak, and Alec opened the hidden room, only to find a large zombie hiding in it. After some studying, they realized that it was an Ogre zombie. They fought it, shooting arrows, slashing it, throwing Alchemist’s Fire on it, and using undead damaging spells. After a time, it was dead as well.


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